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European Union

Munich, Germany


Minsk, Belarus


Paris, France (US Embassy on right)


Prague, Czech Republic--"Liberty Bell"







Pristina, Kosovo




Three minutes of silence in the Netherlands



Palestinians in East Jerusalem



US Embassy, Tel Aviv, Israel.  "Imagine all the people" -John Lennon 



US Embassy gate, Japan



Zagreb, Croatia







Outside US embassy in Berlin.


Also outside the US embassy in Berlin.


Connor O'Carrigan, 3, and his mother Charmaine, laying down some flowers outside the US
consulate in Sydney.



Sydney: "God bless America--you will not be forgotten"



Vatican City





Outside US Embassy, in Moscow, Russia:
(On sign: "Americans: We mourn.")



Wednesday, outside the US
embassy in Stockholm, Sweden.

I5, Ístersund, Sweden. (In Sweden soldiers don't wear hats indoors, but
always when outdoors ... except when...)



American Embassy in Moscow, Russia


American Embassy in Moscow, Russia



Soccer game in Germany: Schalke 04's coach and assistant can't take it anymore.  The UEFA order them to play, but for 75 of the 90 minutes of play, both teams played as if they were engaged in an active demonstration against UEFA's order to play on...



American Embassy in Warsaw, Poland


Rome, Italy


Outraged Indians burning an Osama Bin Laden doll.  |  Friendship memorial at a mosque in Ahmadabad, India



Sikhs in Northern India


Volkswagen Autostadt Auto Museum, Germany









Ottawa, Canada  |   75,000 gather for memorial service






Youth in Tirana, Albania



United States consulate in Hamburg, Germany




Kuwaiti's giving blood  |  US Embassy



Beijing, China



Hong Kong



US Embassy, Oslo, Norway











New Zealand










Gathering at the town hall, Copenhagen, Denmark


Outside US embassy in Denmark.







                                                           SIGN:  "Our deepest sympathy"                   |   Approx. 200,000 people attended "Solidarity March"   (Berlin, Germany)  |                










London--US Embassy  




Queen shedding a tear




South Africa



American Embassy, Skopje, Macedonia




Wolfsburg, Germany



Carpet of flowers, Frankfurt, Germany  
(for image of entire carpet, click here)



Glasgow, Scotland




Duesseldorf, Germany




Taipei, Taiwan




Germany,  modeled after President Kennedy's famous "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech







"...And the flag was still there...."  (top right)      
 (click here for original unfiltered version)         Photo by James Nachtwey / VII



                                         "Freedom is never free"  (click here for larger version)
(photo on right by Thomas E. Franklin, Staff Photographer, The Record)


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I've also assembled another page with pics of the search & rescue and some other miscellaneous.

I would also like to thank the following photographers who have brought us these images:
- Reza Marvashti 
- Shannon Stapleton / Reuters 
- LM Otero

Corey Koberg, 2001
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